Online Dancehall & Reggae Promotion

Free with all YouTube orders: 2 day sponsored campaign on Facebook, Video added to DHRTV featured playlist and 30 day Twitter promotional campaign

DJ Kaas Media is specialized in online dancehall and reggae music promotion through our various social networks and online media. Our Dancehall Reggae TV YouTube channel is rapidly becoming one of the most popular platforms for fans from all over the world to discover the latest and best dancehall, reggae and soca music!

Some details about our promotional networks:

Dancehall Reggae TV: 150.000 dancehall and reggae fans.
Twitter: 39.250 dancehall and reggae minded followers
Facebook: 120.000 dancehall and reggae fans
Your music will be posted on multiple Facebook pages and can potentially reach 100.000’s of dancehall and reggae fans all over the world!
SoundCloud: 40.000 dancehall and reggae minded followers

Make sure you email us the song (or video) and the details of the song or video (iTunes link, label, producer, artiste, title, Twitter handles etc) that you would like us to promote, before and after you have paid for a promotional package. Also include your Unique Transaction ID that you receive after making payment. Email:

Please note that YouTube and Soundcloud promotions will be complemented by a promotional blast via all our Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. (Free 30 Days Twitter promotion is included with all YouTube orders)

YouTube Promotion Options

*More about featured content and channel trailer

Soundcloud Promotion Options


Check out some of our previous projects below, please be aware of the fact that not every promotional campaign will be as successful as the campaigns mentioned below. Promotion by the artiste and of course the quality and attractiveness of the song are very important factors for a successful music promotional campaign.

Take a look for yourself, browse around our YouTube channel: Dancehall & Reggae TV.